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Summer 2017
If you are seeking safety and a quite location visit Liepaja, Latvia for a wonderful, unique holiday.  Step back in time and
Quirky & Luxury May
With the start of warm weather, it is a perfect time to plan for a vacation.   Liepaja is a wonderful destination for people interested in a quirky, adventure packed, experience.  Liepaja provides the “quirky” whilst we at TheLuPodApartments
July - Transport to Liepaja
                            Transportation - Riga to Liepaja  Facts: Liepaja is located 220 km west of Riga, on the Baltic sea. Max Speed on roads: 90 km per hour.  Duration: allow 3 hours. Prices: Contact Judith for details.   Transport Options are    
Autumn in Latvia
Exciting news for all lovers of cultural pursuits!  Visit the stunning Liepaja Concert Hall which opened in October 2015. Located next door to the LuxHighTech it is two minute's walk from door to door.
News of the Month
If you are interested in purchasing hand made linen lifestyle products for the home, please click on Shop Onine, to see a range of items I have personally selected.
In the Press!
Stylish holiday destinations in eastern Europe.   Whether it's on the coast or in the countryside, eastern Europe – Romania, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia – offers tempting locations for holiday. The Guardian Newspaper   
April in Latvia
The chilly weather throughout Europe remains in Spring. However, there is still plenty to do - like take an electric car for a drive in the snow like we did. Hotel Annas was visited during early April in an Electric Nissan Leaf. 
Easter retreat
For a holiday with a difference spend Easter in Liepaja, Latvia, located in Eastern Europe, on the stunning Baltic coastline.   If you love swimming, the 25m pool at the Liepaja Olympic centre will be the ideal place to visit.  Enjoy a variety of water therapies


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