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Catching public transport in Latvia. Public and private transport options between Liepaja and Riga, Latvia

                            Transportation - Riga to Liepaja 

Facts: Liepaja is located 220 km west of Riga, on the Baltic sea. Max Speed on roads: 90 km per hour. 

Duration: allow 3 hours.

Prices: Contact Judith for details.


Transport Options are    
 catching public transport in Latvia        

(Best solution for more than 4 people, staying at the LuxHighTech, 3 bedroom apartment). 

Mini van to collect you at Riga Airport and drive to Liepaja.

Cost: under 200 euros. Maximum number of passengers: 8 plus luggage. Contact Judith for details.

For groups of 4 people or less:
Recommended transport for groups of four people or less travelling between Riga and Liepaja:

1. Catch Baltic Taxi at airport, Maximum 4 adults. From 110 euros.

2. Take a 666 Taxi Company, Maximum 6 people. From 256 Euros.

3. Hire a car at Riga airport and drive to Liepaja. Information on Riga airport website.

4. Go to Coach station in Riga and catch big bus to Liepaja. 

Cost of bus is approximately 7 Euros per person from Riga to Liepaja.  Add cost of taxi from airport to Riga bus station, no more than 30 Euros. Plus cost of taxi from Liepaja bus station to LuxHighTech apartment (approximately 5 Euros).
Riga Airport to Riga City Centre: Go to the newspaper and drink shop in the Riga airport, near the Ryanair desk, purchase a card with the cost of the bus fare into Riga city centre.  You then press the plastic card against a reader when you get on the bus.  Most days there are inspectors waiting before the city centre stop - if you don't have a valid ticket, you will be penalised.

For guests without a budget travelling between Riga and Liepaja:

5. Chauffeur driven limousine (contact Judith for details).

6. Fly from Riga to Liepaja in small private plane (contact Judith for details).


Additional information:

Car hire available in Liepaja as well as from Riga airport. (contact Judith for details). 

Extra choice -  Return journey Liepaja to Riga airport:

A mini bus (it is a public bus) can be ordered on your behalf.  It costs about 12 Euros per person to the airport. Mini-buses start at 6am. 




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