TheLuxPod | Latvia, Baltic States Luxury Apartment Rental - LuxHighTech luxury 3 bedroom | Kitchen
Sit at the bar for breakfast or cocktails before dinnerFully equipped kitchen, including Alessi accessories
The kitchen at the LuxHighTech, vacation rental apartment, is fully equipped with many cooking items and cooking ingredients for you. 

Sit at the breakfast bar for an informal breakfast, or for pre-dinner cocktails, before moving to the elegant glass beveled table.

Modern day conveniences include micro-wave oven, electric oven, large fridge-freezer and dishwasher.

Alessi items available for your use include - Alessi electric toaster and Alessi electric juicer as well as crystal glass ware.

For people who love a cup of tea the kettle will boil especially for a range of teas - including green tea, black tea and herbal tea.  Just press the button and the water will be at the correct temperature for the perfect cuppa!  For coffee drinkers there are a selection of coffee makers for you to use, including Italian espresso machine for the hob.

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The LuxPod Apartment experience in Latvia will appeal to people who love high-tech gadgets and luxury - Experience the Exceptional!

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The LuxPod ethos will appeal to people who are seeking energy in self, design and living - Experience the Exceptional