TheLuxPod | Latvia, Baltic States Luxury Apartment Rental - LuxHighTech luxury 3 bedroom | Noir bedroom with Ensuite
sleep in high thread count cotton sheets - perfect for a great night's sleepBedroom, with selection of lights for ambienceItalian Agape Roto basin in private ensuite
The Noir bedroom, is one of three bedrooms in the LuxHighTech apartment.  It faces north, with views towards the canal.  The bedroom has its own ensuite toilet, which is Italian Flaminia and the funky orange basin is by Agape Roto.

The bedroom has a DVD player, as does the other two bedrooms in the apartment.
Eclipse TD speakers and amplifier are in the room for docking your i-Pod or i-Pad to listen to your own favourite music.

Blu-ray movies are available on the huge Plasma HD screen in the sitting room.

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